THE pit stick

Campfire Pit Sticks

Introducing the revolutionary way of maintaining your fire.

You no longer have to find a "poking" stick to move the logs around in your fire. Ever had a burning log roll off of your fire and had to figure out a way to get it back into the pile? Without the proper tool to do the job, you run the risk of serious injury as you try to salvage your fire. Take the worry out of getting burned and maintain complete control of your campfire logs with the Pit Stick. The Pit Stick log turner will let you grab and manipulate them with safety and ease.

Campfire Log Turner

Never compromise with the Pit Stick Log Turner.

With the The Pit Stick / Log Grabber you will never have to compromise with your camp fire again. You no longer have to wait for the fire to burn down to have your outdoor meal. Just pick up the logs and put them to the side, make your meal, and then reassemble your fire. You can adjust and re-adjust with precision and authority! Now you can build roaring memorable fires just the way you and your friends like them. The perfect gift for the hard to buy for "outdoor guy". No more "hot foot".

Meet the Pit Stick, your new best friend.

unlimited color options

Customize the standard Pit Stick log turner with any powdercoat colorway.


Choose a standard Pit Stick Log Turner in 1 of many colors or the Magnum that is 12" longer.

Standard Pit Stick Length: 46"
Magnum Pit Stick Length: 58"

Campfire Log Turner



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