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Central Minnesota Log Home Restoration

Crushed glass blasting is the recommended blasting media in log home restoration. The most common reason to have this done is your stain is dryed, cracked, peeling or blackened with mold growing on it, or if stain is missing the logs may have turned grey.

But there are even more important reasons to do this… logs need to breathe. And if there is too many layers of old finish on the logs, they can start to retain too much moisture and that’s the beginning of rot.

Sometimes, hidden problems are revealed when all the old finish is removed. This makes it obvious which damaged logs need to be repaired or replaced

blasting is a dry process

When dry, the surface of the finished logs is somewhat brittle. When the dry logs are hit with the crushed glass media, the brittle finish is quickly and efficiently removed leaving the logs relatively smooth. Sandblasting off deteriorated finish allows the owner to change the color of the stain, which can really give the home an “updated” look.

Log Home Restoration

Gull Lake Sandblasting and Powdercoating provides restoration services to Central Minnesota.

Starting Over

re-beautify your log home

Log siding can look great again after being professionally glass blasted. Restore your log home to it's original state ready to apply new stain and finish. 

Glass Blasting

crushed glass media

The newest and recommended blasting media for restoration is crushed glass. Glass blasting with crushed glass takes off old finishes and can lighten the color of the logs. 

log home restoration in central mn with blasting media

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    should i have my project glass blasted?

    The restoration of your log home is the process of removing the failed stains and finishes. The use of media is a dry process, in which media (glass or sand) is thrown under direct air pressure to the surface of the logs or siding to reveal fresh wood. Gull Lake Sandblasting will perform a test blast to determine which type of media should be used. Every log structure is different. Blasting, because of the texture it creates, prepares the surface of the log to readily accept, with greater adhesion, stains and sealers.

    When any type of blasting being performed a tarp will be placed around the perimeter of the home/cabin and this will collect 90% off the media. Then the media collected and disposed of after use. Because of the air pressure there may be some media/dust entering your home depending on the craftsmanship of the structure. Remember this is dry media not water. This eliminates the chance of internal water damage to your home.

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    glass media

    Crushed glass media blasting is by far the best way to prep your log home. We highly recommend low pressure glass media blasting on log siding. This media provides no good source for mold growth unlike cob blasting and is much safer and requires no water like chemical stripping. Our blasting process leaves the wood clean and dry with a good profile so your fresh stain has good adhesion. Glass media is 100% recycled crushed glass. The use of post-consumer glass directly benefits the environment by reducing landfill waste. The manufacturing process reduces the glass and removes contaminates and waste by-products from glass. These particles are as fine as sand from the beach. Glass media is non-hazardous, non-toxic and completely inert. Glass media is safe to use around water, shrubs, humans and animals.

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Don’t trust just anyone with the refinishing of your log home.
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